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E-Surveillance ~ Is Anyone Watching Your Cameras?


These days, having security cameras installed in your offices, retail stores, warehouses and parking lots is a normal thing. Even in India, business owners have been security conscious for over a decade. From small shop owners to large companies, you will find CCTV cameras installed in all these places. Now with large shopping malls opening … Continue reading “E-Surveillance ~ Is Anyone Watching Your Cameras?”

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Magento Ecommerce Website Launched –

magento ecommerce website

Octopus Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has recently launched a Magento based E-commerce website for Pura Vida Bracelets is a leading fashion accessory brand, which believes in giving back to the social community. Every bracelet purchased helps towards providing full time jobs to local artisans in Costa Rica and a percentage of every sale is … Continue reading “Magento Ecommerce Website Launched –”

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How to speed up your WordPress website

how to speed up your wordpress website

Have you ever given a thought on how much time does it take for your WordPress website to load? Have you ever thought that site speed has a direct impact on your business? Today, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms with roughly 20% of the websites on the Internet built on WordPress. There … Continue reading “How to speed up your WordPress website”

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Decoding the ‘Hummingbird’ Code – What Google’s New Algorithm Means to You

google hummingbird algoritm

Recently Google announced its new search algorithm system which is able to sift through all the information at hand and come back with relevant answers. Known as ‘Hummingbird’, it is expected to be precise and fast just like its name sake and provide better search results for internet users. How does it Work? The latest … Continue reading “Decoding the ‘Hummingbird’ Code – What Google’s New Algorithm Means to You”

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Clash of the Ecommerce Titans : Magento Go Vs Shopify Vs Bigcommerce Vs Volusion

magento vs shopify vs bigcommerce vs volusion

Ecommerce platforms essentially assist online businesses and shoppers in managing a myriad of functions such as inventory, creation of accounts, wish lists, maintenance of order histories and assessing margins. While the involvement of a solution provider such as Pay Pal may suffice a smaller ecommerce portal, growing businesses that keep innovation as their benchmark, and … Continue reading “Clash of the Ecommerce Titans : Magento Go Vs Shopify Vs Bigcommerce Vs Volusion”

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Google’s New Keyword Planner Tool and How does it Change your Keyword Research Strategy

Google Keyword Planner Banner

On August 26th 2013, Google announced the official closing down of its Adword Keyword Tool that has now been replaced by what is known as the Google Keyword Planner Tool. What is Google Keyword Planner? This new tool packs in the features of both, the keyword research tool and website traffic estimator – giving marketers a new … Continue reading “Google’s New Keyword Planner Tool and How does it Change your Keyword Research Strategy”

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The Growing Need and Future of Mobile ecommerce Websites

Mobile ecommerce wesbtie development

With the exponential growth of the Internet, as well as wireless technologies, a natural marriage seems to have taken place between these two disciplines – consequently giving birth to the ‘Mobile Internet’. Internet on the go has subsequently resulted in the developing of a thriving business opportunity in the form of exciting mobile e-commerce opportunities. … Continue reading “The Growing Need and Future of Mobile ecommerce Websites”

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One Page Website Based on WordPress Launched

20icons wordpress development

Octopus Tech recently launched a single page website based on the popular WordPress CMS. The template for included a smooth jQuery scroll which can be handled from the navigation menu and also when you go down on the website a scroll up button appears on the bottom right to go UP easily. develops … Continue reading “One Page Website Based on WordPress Launched”

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