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Customer Experience: The Hottest Buzzword in Business These Days

customer experience

Customer Experience or more popular its abbreviated form CX is the ubiquitous term in business these days. But what exactly this term is? This question may nod in the mind who are new in their business. So, let’s first start with defining the word is the sum of all touchpoints and interactions a customer has … Continue reading “Customer Experience: The Hottest Buzzword in Business These Days”

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Business Process Outsourcing: What to expect in 2019

BPO 2019 Blog

If you had been outsourcing in the past or are planning to start soon, and are somewhat unsure of its future, well you may put all those worries to rest. Outsourcing has survived over the years and will most definitely survive in the future. But to understand what the future holds for the BPO industry, … Continue reading “Business Process Outsourcing: What to expect in 2019”

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Latest Innovation Swings in Customer Service

Innovation swing

With the increased adoption of tech channels in our routine life, the innovating customer touchpoints also experience the digital transformations that change the consistency of human sales and service channels. But with new technologies, challenges come too. The steep learning of using new innovations in customer services and support is needed to keep yourself up-to-date … Continue reading “Latest Innovation Swings in Customer Service”

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Legal Process Outsourcing – What are Pros and Cons?


What is LPO? The legal industry surge to the outsourcing of complex tasks these days. The concept of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) includes research, intellectual property services, contract negotiation, and due diligence. Today, more and more companies are believing that outsourcing legal processes with expert knowledge is hassle-free and good for their business. But, what … Continue reading “Legal Process Outsourcing – What are Pros and Cons?”

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Customer Advocacy: Is This Thing Even Real?

Octopus Tech customer advocacy banner

Do you have a sales team that is tasked with creating leads and closing contracts? If this is so, then what are your current strategies? Do you have one for increasing your web presence to help boost sales through your website? Or one to re-engage leads by sending out email drip campaigns? No wonder these … Continue reading “Customer Advocacy: Is This Thing Even Real?”

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What does it take to successfully design an E-Commerce Website?

E-Commerce blog

Ever crossed your mind what makes an e-commerce website successful? Is it the creative web design, catchy content or the role digital marketing played or even the combination of all these and various other factors? Well, for one, the owners of these websites have well covered their fundamentals at the beginning, and two, the quality … Continue reading “What does it take to successfully design an E-Commerce Website?”

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5 Web Design Trends to look forward to in 2019

Web Design Trends 2019

Is it only me or do you too find hundreds of blog posts floating on the internet towards the end of every year about what the new web design trends are going to be? And have you also noticed that although everybody has a piece of their own mind, all we get to read are … Continue reading “5 Web Design Trends to look forward to in 2019”

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How To Design A Landing Page For Mobile Users

mobile web design

If you have been web browsing for a while, you’re probably familiar with landing pages. I bet you might have even used a few of them for different campaigns as well. So, whether your goal is to promote people to sign up for your mailing list or to purchase a particular product or service, the … Continue reading “How To Design A Landing Page For Mobile Users”

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