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Octopus Tech is a leading customer-centric Web Design, Mobile App Development and Call Center Services Company that has helped deliver optimized solutions to our domestic as well as international clients that best meet the modern technology issues.


web design services

Web Design

With the help of our creative skills and expertise, we at Octopus Tech, offer high-quality web design services to create professional websites that apart from making your business stand out among the competitors, provides it a unique brand recognition and web identity that is hard to match. Also, our dedicated web designers hold the reputation for working day and night to create amazing designs to help you get the website of your dreams.

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web design services by industry

Web Design by Industry

Till date, we have served numerous clients across the globe that come from as varied backgrounds as one can imagine be it healthcare, real estate or restaurant industry. But that’s not all, we offer a bunch of web design services (including monthly maintenance) for other industries as well that cover everything from accountants and lawyers to electricians and plumbers to architects and roofers. You name it, we serve it.

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ecommerce development services

E-Commerce Development

Our dextrous developers at Octopus Tech are experts at building e-commerce websites from scratch, all thanks to our years of experience working with all the major CMS platforms be it Magento, WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce or any such. And what we offer is not only limited to the development of e-commerce sites but exceeds far beyond to include extensions, customized theme designs and integration of 3rd party applications as well.

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voice support services

Voice Support

Customer service has always been a critical aspect of any business. Outsourcing your company’s voice support service negates the need for in-house capabilities, allowing you to focus on your core competencies besides enhancing your productivity and collaboration. Due to our thorough understanding of unified collaboration environments and their applications, we at Octopus Tech deliver high standard voice support services to our clients.

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non voice support services

Non-Voice Support

Running a business often includes receiving tons of important emails from your customers which majority of the times go unnoticed and unanswered. Similarly, chat support is another important service that can cause havoc if left unattended. But by outsourcing these services to Octopus Tech, you can rest assure that your non-voice support will bring tremendous improvements in customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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virtual assistant services

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is one that can do almost any kind of work that your personal assistant does, maybe even more. Being a leading outsourcing firm, we offer some of the finest online virtual assistant services that are aimed to take a considerable amount of workload off your shoulders which includes all of your administrative responsibilities along with managing email, calendar, social media etc., assisting in transcription, content writing and much more.

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e-surveillance services in India


Electronic security is becoming more and more commonplace these days. Why? Because it can do wonders for businesses like yours that are willing to go the extra mile to stay safe and tension free. We here at Octopus Tech offers round-the-clock integrated monitoring and response service for hotels, warehouses and schools where our dedicated team of monitoring staff observe, control and command your daily service operations.

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