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We have seen advancement in technology in all spheres. The security and surveillance sector is no different. The old generation of security systems was only able to record crimes and offered only partial evidence after the incident had taken place.

Now, Octopus Tech Solutions changes the security world forever with its E-Surveillance monitoring solutions. Using our video surveillance service, crime can be prevented, not just detected. Our team of surveillance professionals sitting in a control room would be able to monitor your site live 24/7 and raise alerts in the event of any incident.Benefits of our E-Surveillance service:

real time monitoring

Real-time monitoring

You will get your site monitored 24/7 in real-time by our e-surveillance professionals. They will raise alerts the moment they detect any criminal
activity or anything out of the ordinary.

multi site view

Multiple site view

You get the convenience of having your multiple locations monitored from our centralized control room. No matter where these locations are, we can keep an eye on them.

insights into business

Insights into your Business

Since you will always know what is happening in your business when you are not there, you will gain insights that will help you boost productivity by reducing unproductive activities.

system integration

Integrates with existing system

If you have an existing security system in place, no need to change it as our system integrates with your hardware easily so that the setup process is easy for you as well as economical.

easily accessible footage

Easily accessible footage

The video footage is stored on a cloud server so it can be accessed from any location and from any device. We give you access to view your business sites on your smartphone.

2 way communication

2-way Communication system

Using our 2-way communication system, in the event of a crime, our e-surveillance professionals can communicate to the criminal that he has been caught on camera and the police called, hence deterring the crime.


The industries we serve:

Our e-surveillance solutions are beneficial to several sectors and industries in different ways, below are just some of the sectors that can
benefit from our solutions.

  • 1. Large Scale Retail
  • 2. E-Commerce
  • 3. Logistics
  • 4. Banks
  • 5. Office Buildings
  • 6. Restaurants
  • 7. Hospitals
  • 8. Educational Institutions
  • 9. Manufacturing Plants…….and much more

If you are ready to embrace the future of video surveillance and security and protect your business premises from the ever increasing threat of crime, contact Octopus Tech Solutions today and learn how we can customize our solutions to your requirements.

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