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Cloud Contact Centers ~ Revolutionizing Customer Experience

cloud contact center

Cloud Contact centers have been gaining popularity recently. The reason being simple enough, as the times are changing so is the need to change the way we are used to looking at call centers till now. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the traditional call centers or anything, all I am saying is … Continue reading “Cloud Contact Centers ~ Revolutionizing Customer Experience”

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Learn What are 2018’s Top Customer Experience Trends

Enhancing Customer Experience

CX or customer experience is the major deciding factor determining the future of any organization. Providing a quality customer service is vital to the growth of the company. One cannot hope to succeed without involving a loyal customer fan base. Most businesses understand this and have started to build their CX strategies focussing entirely on … Continue reading “Learn What are 2018’s Top Customer Experience Trends”

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How Smartphones Have Changed Call Center Services

Here goes an interesting fact about smartphones, out of the total population of the world which is roughly 7 billion, 3.7 billion own mobile phones. The fact seems much more intriguing when you realise that only 3.4 billion own toothbrushes. Smartphone, which is basically a handheld personal computer that comes with a mobile operating system, … Continue reading “How Smartphones Have Changed Call Center Services”

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Tips for Enhancing Customer Experience Via Live-Chat

Live Chat Support

Providing customer support is vital to any organization as it strengthens the company-consumer relationship, special emphasis should be laid on the quality of this service provided be it inbound or outbound call center services, email support, or chat support services. Out of these services, live chat is gaining popularity recently with 42% of consumers preferring … Continue reading “Tips for Enhancing Customer Experience Via Live-Chat”

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Reshaping Call Centers with the Help of Artificial Intelligence

Today, Call Center Services mostly rely on telephones to conduct 2-way communications. This has worked well till now but with the changing times, it’s getting hard for customer care representatives to meet up with the ever-growing expectations of customers. The reasons being: I. Customers don’t want to provide their personal details every time they talk … Continue reading “Reshaping Call Centers with the Help of Artificial Intelligence”

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BPO Outsourcing Benefits for the Insurance Sector

BPO outsourcing for the insurance

Insurance basically offers a protection from uncertain financial loss. This sector, to be honest, is not having its golden days recently. The shifting governmental policies and the cut-throat competition are considered to be the main reason behind it. On the other hand, BPO or Business Process Outsourcing which basically refers to transferring a part of … Continue reading “BPO Outsourcing Benefits for the Insurance Sector”

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Why You Need Empathy in Your Customer Service Team

Empathy in Call Center Services

Empathy should not be confused with sympathy which is the recognition of other person’s problem, even showing concern but remain entirely unaffected from within. Empathy is connecting with others on an emotional level. Wikipedia defines Empathy as the capacity to feel or understand what the other person is experiencing from within another person’s frame of … Continue reading “Why You Need Empathy in Your Customer Service Team”

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Why Digital Transformation is Crucial for Contact Center’s Survival

Digital Transformation in Call Centers

If you are from the contact center industry, then you must have noticed many modernizations in this sector in the past few years. The industry is moving ahead with customer’s and client’s expectations to provide them a truly advanced service and solution that helps streamline their business processes. With the rising number of contact centers … Continue reading “Why Digital Transformation is Crucial for Contact Center’s Survival”

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