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Will Facebook Customer Chat be a Game Changer?

Facebook Customer Chat

Facebook already has taken over the consumer market by becoming the most dominant social media platform in the world. But, apparently, they are not satisfied with just that. Facebook is now looking to dominate the business or the enterprise world as well. Why do I say this? Because Facebook has recently launched their Facebook customer … Continue reading “Will Facebook Customer Chat be a Game Changer?”

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Infographic: What are BPO, KPO and LPO?

BPO LPO KPO Banner Image

Check out our infographic to learn about the difference between BPO, KPO, and LPO. Also, learn about the statistics of these sectors.

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Getting your Call Center Prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Call center

The month of November officially kick-starts the holiday season across the U.S. It is not only because of Thanksgiving but also because of the two biggest sales of the year that occur in this month. I am talking about “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”. On these days, retailers and e-commerce store owners make a majority … Continue reading “Getting your Call Center Prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday”

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Why Voice is Still an Important Customer Service Channel

Voice channel

I have stressed the benefits of multi-channel customer service several times in my previous blog posts. The growing number of channels that customers can use to interact with a brand has made companies switch their focus from the voice channel to others like website chat, social media, and email. Does this mean that voice is … Continue reading “Why Voice is Still an Important Customer Service Channel”

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How You Can Save on Customer Support Costs

customer support costs

Providing above par customer support has been recognized as a crucial aspect of running any successful business. When you provide your customers with good customer support, you have a greater chance of retaining them. In a competitive business environment like today’s, good customer support gives your organization a much-needed edge. Since acquiring new customers is … Continue reading “How You Can Save on Customer Support Costs”

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Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Back Office Processes

Backoffice outsourcing

In business, there two types of roles that the staff has to carry out.  These are customer facing roles and back office roles. Back office tasks include wide range administrative tasks like order processing, accounts, and billing, data processing, data scrubbing, logistics etc. These back-office tasks are incredibly important to the effective functioning of the … Continue reading “Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Back Office Processes”

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Customer Acquisition through Proactive Live Chat Support

live chat support

We have previously shared a blog post with you all that stated the benefits of live chat support for e-commerce business. However, it is not just the e-commerce sector that relies on live chat support. In fact, there is hardly any business that can do without it these days. Chat support is no longer only … Continue reading “Customer Acquisition through Proactive Live Chat Support”

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Embodying Social Media in Call Center Services

call center services

Today’s customers are extremely active online, especially on social media platforms. They expect a prompt response from brands regarding their various queries. Businesses upon recognizing this changing trend are changing their customer engagement strategy to ensure social media becomes a big part of it. There are special teams that are set up by companies that … Continue reading “Embodying Social Media in Call Center Services”

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