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Video Surveillance ~ Why Your Restaurants Need It

Video Surveillance

When you would think about places that need security cameras and video surveillance, there must be many places that enter your mind. Banks, ATM sites, Jewellery stores and even retail stores. However, restaurants may not cross your mind at all. The fact is that if you are a restaurant owner, there are several reasons why … Continue reading “Video Surveillance ~ Why Your Restaurants Need It”

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Why Outsourcing BPO Services To India Is Still A Good Choice

BPO Services

Western countries have been outsourcing BPO services to India for the last two decades. India has been the preferred destinations for all western nations to outsource various services like customer support, technical support, lead generation and many other BPO processes. This is not just limited to voice support but also non-voice processes like chat support, email … Continue reading “Why Outsourcing BPO Services To India Is Still A Good Choice”

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E-Surveillance ~ Is Anyone Watching Your Cameras?


These days, having security cameras installed in your offices, retail stores, warehouses and parking lots is a normal thing. Even in India, business owners have been security conscious for over a decade. From small shop owners to large companies, you will find CCTV cameras installed in all these places. Now with large shopping malls opening … Continue reading “E-Surveillance ~ Is Anyone Watching Your Cameras?”

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Magento Ecommerce Website Launched –

magento ecommerce website

Octopus Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has recently launched a Magento based E-commerce website for Pura Vida Bracelets is a leading fashion accessory brand, which believes in giving back to the social community. Every bracelet purchased helps towards providing full time jobs to local artisans in Costa Rica and a percentage of every sale is … Continue reading “Magento Ecommerce Website Launched –”

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