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Let Your E-Commerce Site Benefit from Chat Support Outsourcing

Chat Support Outsourcing

You have created a wonderful e-commerce website and you also get many visitors on that site. However, those visitors either do not purchase anything or abandon carts while in the process of making an online purchase. There could be several reasons that this occurs. Maybe your visitors face a challenge while making payments. Maybe they … Continue reading “Let Your E-Commerce Site Benefit from Chat Support Outsourcing”

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E-Commerce Sector Exploring benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing

In urban India, e-commerce sites are starting to overtake regular brick and mortar retail stores in terms of sales and increase on customers. When your e-commerce site sees such a growth in the number of visitors and customers, you need to enhance the level of your customer service to keep them happy. The growing competition … Continue reading “E-Commerce Sector Exploring benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing”

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How Internet of Things will Effect your Contact Center

Contact Center

The internet of things is changing the world around us. In business, there is hardly any sector that is left untouched by this technology. IoT helps businesses carve out new business models that can effectively take them into the next phase of innovation. Your contact center also will see changes that will not just have an … Continue reading “How Internet of Things will Effect your Contact Center”

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Why Travel Companies are going for Call Center Outsourcing

call center outsourcing

There is no doubt that the travel industry is a growing sector. The number of companies that enter this sector continues to grow year on year. Many start-ups have started to make a name for themselves by launching new websites and mobile applications that facilitate booking tickets for flights, hotels and holiday packages. Since these … Continue reading “Why Travel Companies are going for Call Center Outsourcing”

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Learn the 5 Benefits of Customer Care Outsourcing

Customer care outsourcing

Providing good quality customer care is no longer just an after though for organizations. With growing competition, companies are pulling out all stops to keep their customers happy and retained. Customer service plays a big role in keeping your customers happy and keeping them engaged with the organization. However, with the rising cost of operations … Continue reading “Learn the 5 Benefits of Customer Care Outsourcing”

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Video Surveillance ~ Why Your Restaurants Need It

Video Surveillance

When you would think about places that need security cameras and video surveillance, there must be many places that enter your mind. Banks, ATM sites, Jewellery stores and even retail stores. However, restaurants may not cross your mind at all. The fact is that if you are a restaurant owner, there are several reasons why … Continue reading “Video Surveillance ~ Why Your Restaurants Need It”

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Why Outsourcing BPO Services To India Is Still A Good Choice

BPO Services

Western countries have been outsourcing BPO services to India for the last two decades. India has been the preferred destinations for all western nations to outsource various services like customer support, technical support, lead generation and many other BPO processes. This is not just limited to voice support but also non-voice processes like chat support, email … Continue reading “Why Outsourcing BPO Services To India Is Still A Good Choice”

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E-Surveillance ~ Is Anyone Watching Your Cameras?


These days, having security cameras installed in your offices, retail stores, warehouses and parking lots is a normal thing. Even in India, business owners have been security conscious for over a decade. From small shop owners to large companies, you will find CCTV cameras installed in all these places. Now with large shopping malls opening … Continue reading “E-Surveillance ~ Is Anyone Watching Your Cameras?”

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