Recruitment Process Outsourcing - A Smarter Way to Recruit
Recruitment Process Outsourcing – A Smarter way to Recruit

Recruitment Process Outsourcing – A Smarter way to Recruit

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing – A Smarter way to Recruit

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The concept of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is still new to many companies. There are so many businesses that go through the pains of first hiring and setting up their entire human resource department. Then, they hire recruiters who will actually carry through the daunting task of sourcing several profiles of eligible candidates and then out calling them to for interviews. Sounds familiar right? What if you knew that there was a more cost effective way of recruiting staff, that did have not made you go through all these stages, would you still go through with all this?

I am confident the answer will be an emphatic NO. So, want to know what are some of the benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Cost Reduction

Normally in your recruiting process, you spend a lot of money on registering at job portals for posting your vacancy ads. There are several other message boards that you may also utilize and spend money on. Not to mention paying head hunters and in-house recruiters. An RPO provider will help streamline your entire hiring process without you having to spend money on ten different recruitment channels. This way you can find better candidates at nearly half the cost.

Easy to Scale

Need to hire a bulk of candidates for a new process you are starting? Or did sudden attrition cause an increase in vacancies? Or looking to hire seasonal employees for a few months? With Recruitment Process Outsourcing, these sudden demands can be met with ease. You can let your demands be known and your outsourcing partner site will scale up or scale down as per requirement.

High-Quality Candidates

Selecting the right candidate for your company means looking beyond the credentials on paper. You need to understand if the candidate matches the expectations and the work ethics that the organization is looking for. Your in-house recruiters may feel the pressure of closing a position quickly to evaluate a candidate of such a deep level. A good RPO provider, on the other hand, takes all necessary steps needed to find a candidate who does not just look good on paper, but also suits the expectations and values of your company.

Enhancing Your Employment Brand

Your employment brand is how your company is perceived as an employer. When the quality of your selected candidates improves, it increases your reputation among other prospective candidates. As mentioned above, with RPO you get high-quality candidates and that transforms your employment brand.

Overall, it is clear that RPO is not just a solution that helps in reducing your recruitment costs. It is a partnership with a reliable company that helps with an end to end recruitment, as per your requirements that not only delivers high-quality candidates but also improves your employment brand.

Octopus Tech provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing services that help take the costs and burden of your recruiting process and deliver you candidates that are the perfect fit for your organization, within the time-frame set by you. To know more about our services, contact us today.