How Legal Process Outsourcing Can Help Your Firm
How Legal Process Outsourcing Can Help Your Firm

How Legal Process Outsourcing Can Help Your Firm

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How Legal Process Outsourcing Can Help Your Firm

Legal Process Outsourcing

Law firms, whether they are small practices or large scale firms have a lot of important tasks to handle on a day to day basis. The great legal minds that work in your firm should remain focused on their important tasks at hand. That is why, to lighten the load of their attorneys and to save on operating costs, law firms all over the globe are outsourcing their legal processes to third-party vendors that can provide the high-quality legal services at a fraction of a cost.

Some of the services that are generally covered under legal process outsourcing are –

Litigation support

Over the course of every trial, there are many tasks that need to be carried out. Litigation support services include drafting complaints, drafting summons, organizing chronologies and more. The outsourcing company takes care of all these tasks so that you can focus on the important aspects of the court cases.

Paralegal Services

Paralegals are legal assistants that help lawyers in their day to day tasks. With the growing number of such important tasks, outsourcing paralegal services can be a real boon for law firms. Paralegal outsourcing services include – legal data entry, documentation, research services, notary services etc.

Legal document review

Reviewing legal documents is imperative to the legal process for any firm. This is a tiring and time-consuming activity that is why it is outsourced to LPO companies for streamlining the tasks. Under legal document review, the following services are provided – initial review before litigation, document storage, coding, indexing, and formatting of documents.

Law office management

It is difficult to manage the daily operations of a law firm’s office. Hence, this management related tasks are also outsourced to third party companies. Some of the office management related tasks that are outsourced are – the opening of client files, storage of client files, drafting various agreements between parties, drafting industry-specific contracts.

Now that you know what all services are outsourced to legal process outsourcing companies, let us now discuss some of the advantages of outsourcing legal processes to an outsourcing company.

  • Reduction in operating costs

Outsourcing legal services is a great way to reduce operating costs. In the event that you are offshoring your legal processes to a country like India, you can save anywhere from 50% to 70% of your costs as Indian staff works at a fraction of what your in-house staff in the U.S would work for. Apart from the money saved on wages of the employees, your firm will also save money on infrastructure costs because you would not have to pay for the computers, electricity, internet etc for those outsourced staff members.

  • Around the Clock support

LPO companies work in a 24/7 environment which means that they can operate as per your requirements, offering you the ultimate flexibility that you want from your outsourcing partners. If you offshore your legal services to India, because of the time difference, by the time you wake up in the U.S or the U.K, your LPO partners would have taken care of all required tasks.

  • Better access to new talent

Outsourcing legal services to a third party give your firm access to the new and additional talent pool. You get trained experts working for you that have the required domain knowledge of the legal world. It is also possible that there are certain areas where your firm’s existing staff lacks expertise in. This is where outsourcing that particular task will help your firm connect with people that actually do have an experience with those tasks.

  • Focus on Core tasks of the firm

By outsourcing various non-essential tasks or tasks that are not core to the firm, your firm’s lawyers can focus the important or core functions that will help your firm win cases, acquire new clients, prepare arguments for cases and handle all functions of your law firm that cannot be outsourced and have to be handled by you.

  • Reduced turnaround time

By outsourcing services to other companies, your law firm can cut down it’s TAT for completing various projects for itself and its clients. The in-house can team can be put on more critical projects and with a combination of both the internal and external team, for accomplishing tasks in a more time efficient manner.

Now that you know the various benefits your law firm can gain from outsourcing its legal services, you need to find the right outsourcing partner that will provide you with cost-effective and expert LPO services. Octopus Tech is an emerging Indian outsourcing company that helps law firms reduce their operating costs and enables them to focus on their core objectives by offering flexible, customized and expert legal outsourcing services. To know more about our services, contact us today.