E-Commerce Sector Exploring benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing
E-Commerce Sector Exploring benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing

E-Commerce Sector Exploring benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing

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E-Commerce Sector Exploring benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing

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In urban India, e-commerce sites are starting to overtake regular brick and mortar retail stores in terms of sales and increase on customers. When your e-commerce site sees such a growth in the number of visitors and customers, you need to enhance the level of your customer service to keep them happy. The growing competition in the e-commerce sector has made customer service the number one priority for these companies (as it should be). To tackle this challenge, these companies are turning to customer service outsourcing to gain the competitive edge.

The biggest customers of e-commerce sites are the younger generation or Millennials as they are called. These millennials are fickle minded and can switch over to your competitor’s site in a minute if they feel that your company is not providing them a proper resolution to their issues. This is where finding proper outsourcing partners to handle your customer service comes into the picture.

Some of the benefits of customer service outsourcing for e-commerce companies are –

Reduced TAT

  • Reduced TAT

 Under normal circumstances, when a customer calls the support numbers of an e-commerce site with an issue, there is on average a 24 hour TAT (Turn Around Time) for the resolution of the issue. By outsourcing their customer service to a professional outsourcing company, this turn around time can be reduced to 4 hours. This decrease in TAT leads to a happier customer and that leads to customer retention.


  • 24/7 Availability

 Online shoppers are active at all hours of the day and night. Someone who works 9 hours a day would normally get time to shop on your site at night time only. If he/she faces a challenge at that time during completing an order, they would want to call customer support for help. Outsourcing customer service gives your customers access to 24/7 customer care to attend to all your late night customer queries, thus improving customer experience.


  • Better Email Segregation

 Voice is not the only channel customers use to get in touch with your business. Email still remains a preferred means of communication for all age groups of e-commerce customers. However, not every email is a high priority and there are some that need to be attended to before others. Outsourced customer service takes on the task of segregating your daily email load by priority so that customers with urgent issues and queries are answered first.


  • Flexibility to Handle High Volumes

 India is a country of many festivals and it is at the time of these festivals that e-commerce companies launch many promotional offers to attract more customers. This leads to almost double the call volume they receive during these peak seasons. An in-house customer service team may not be able to adapt to this sudden rise in call volume. An experienced outsourcing company, however, has staff that is flexible and trained enough to handle this pressure.

cart abandonment

  • Decrease in Cart Abandonment

 A major reason for cart abandonment in e-commerce is that while completing an order, the customer faced an issue and could not go through with it. Having someone at the other end of the phone to walk the customer through the order placement steps will reduce cart abandonment.


  • Offer Multi-Channel Support

As already mentioned above, your customers will not just call you. They would contact you via website chat (which you should integrate if you have not already), through email and even via social media. Outsourcing allows your customers to get their inquiries answered on all these platforms and it makes your company seem that much more approachable which goes a long way in building customer trust.

There are several other benefits that your e-commerce business can gain by choosing a right outsourcing partner like improving customer service quality scores and decreasing customer complaints. It is true that in the competitive times like the ones we live in, e-commerce companies will need to truly treat their customer like a king to survive and outsourcing customer service gets them closer to achieving this goal.

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