Will Facebook Customer Chat be a Game Changer?
Will Facebook Customer Chat be a Game Changer?

Will Facebook Customer Chat be a Game Changer?

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Will Facebook Customer Chat be a Game Changer?

Facebook Customer Chat

Facebook already has taken over the consumer market by becoming the most dominant social media platform in the world. But, apparently, they are not satisfied with just that. Facebook is now looking to dominate the business or the enterprise world as well. Why do I say this? Because Facebook has recently launched their Facebook customer chat plugin for companies.

How Facebook and Customer service correlate?

Let us take a few steps back and understand how exactly the world’s largest social network and businesses providing customer service actually mix together. You see, customers have moved on from the old mediums of communicating with brands. Website chat has been a popular channel where customers come for real-time assistance and resolution to their issues.

The feeling of getting an instant response is what draws customers to the chat platform. Similarly, social media is a platform of choice for today’s customers as well. Today’s generation spends a big part of their time on social media. That is why they want their brands to be present on social media so that they can constantly be in touch with them. The brands too have listened to their customers and have created their pages on all major social media platforms.

As Facebook is the most popular social network with monthly 2.7 billion active users, presence on Facebook was crucial for all companies. Each day, there are thousands or maybe more customers that chat with their brands on Facebook regarding general information, customer complaints,  billing and refund and many other topics.

How Does Facebook Customer Chat Work?

Facebook customer chat is a plugin that companies use that allows them to continue their Facebook chats with their customers on their website as well. This way, when a customer visits your website after having a chat with you on Facebook, that same conversation can be continued. This way, the customer does not have to repeat their entire issue to the chat support agent on your website chat.

Facebook customer chat is also cross-platform meaning that it works on all the devices your customers use. This makes communication that much more convenient for customers that spend a majority of their online time on their smartphones, which makes about 50% of all internet users these days.

Scope of Facebook Customer Chat

Even though currently this tool is being considered as a boon for the customer service efforts of companies, the possibilities are endless. One of the biggest implementations that I can think of is customer sales. This tool can be used by companies to enhance their revenues by using it to increase their online sales.

There are many companies that advertise on Facebook’s ads platform. Now, they can carry out their conversation with the leads generated from such marketing activity not only on their Facebook page but also on their homepage.

Adoption by Companies

This plugin is currently available in its beta version. The adoption by companies of this tool is expected to be high because it combines the two most preferred customer service platforms that companies are trying to excel at, website chat and social media.

So, in the end, I truly believe that Facebook’s customer chat plugin is going to be a game changer for the customer services sector and business in general. Now, the competition will heat up regarding which brands will be able to offer the best-integrated customer experience.