Why Magento is Mostly Preferred for E-Commerce in India
Why Magento is Mostly Preferred for E-Commerce in India

Why Magento is Mostly Preferred for E-Commerce in India

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Why Magento is Mostly Preferred for E-Commerce in India

Magento Preferrable

Once you decide to step into the online market, you will realise there are plenty of options available as far as e-commerce platforms and software are concerned. Since all claim to offer the best e-commerce solutions, choosing one over the other is going to be a pretty tough nut to crack especially when the success of your online business depends on it.

In India, however, simple and elegant design plus the reliability plays an extremely crucial role while converting prospects into buyers. And since Magento already comes with a flexible and customizable nature which in itself, is a fine blend of simplicity and elegance, no wonder, Magento web design India is the most preferred choice among online retailers.

And rightly so. Unlike other platforms, Magento was specifically built to provide a complete e-commerce solution that can cater to almost every need of an online retail store. As per the Indian market, it comes pre-packed with tons of amazing features, a few are listed below.

Reasons to Choose Magento Web Design in India

Full Control

When it comes to template-based platform options, Magento offers a full control over the e-store’s front-end and back-end features to its Indian store owners and developers. It basically means you can fully customize the theme and skin of your online store to implement your business needs without affecting the core system files.

3rd Party Integration

Magento offers a plethora of extensions and functionality of its own that perfectly fits the needs of the Indian community. More so, it provides a secure and flexible way of integrating with third-party extensions as well which include all the major sales channels, payment gateways, shipping services and so on.

Fast Loading Store

We all know how faster page loads result in an equally faster conversion rate. And with the Indian economy growing at an even faster pace, it becomes all the more critical to lay the foundation of your e-store on the fastest known platform in the world. And Magento with its fast loading pages and lowest HTTP request, serves as the best option available.

SEO Friendly

Like various other features, Magento comes up to date with the latest SEO ranking factors. It offers not only a great URL structure but comes with other meta-implementation options as well such as title, description, sitemaps, keywords etc. plus a built-in Google Analytics tools to help drive business with ease.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile visitors especially us Indians expect a great experience whenever browsing any website. so, if your e-commerce site isn’t up to the mark, it will disturb the positive user experience. Fortunately for Magento users, the built-in support for mobile applications happily permits to built apps for your online store.

Multiple Currency/Language Support

With a diverse cultural environment such as India’s, only an e-commerce platform that supports a multitude of languages and is compatible dealing with the all the foreign currencies in the world should be appropriate. And luckily for you, Magento is the open source e-commerce platform that provides all these benefits.

Magento Community

The extensive Magento community can become a great helping hand if you are new to this whole e-commerce business. It mostly constitutes of e-store owners, Magento developers, users and service providers which with their years of expertise, can help you fix the roadblocks so that you can take your online store to the next level.


Magento which is responsible for making the shopping world a global and customizable platform presents some wonderful possibilities for the Indian market as well. Magento web design India comes with the latest design trends, thousands of custom modules and advanced security features along with the ones mentioned above and can easily work with large-scale shopping platforms. Convinced yet?