Video Surveillance ~ Why Your Restaurants Need It
Video Surveillance ~ Why Your Restaurants Need It

Video Surveillance ~ Why Your Restaurants Need It

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Video Surveillance ~ Why Your Restaurants Need It


When you would think about places that need security cameras and video surveillance, there must be many places that enter your mind. Banks, ATM sites, Jewellery stores and even retail stores. However, restaurants may not cross your mind at all. The fact is that if you are a restaurant owner, there are several reasons why you need video surveillance as much as all these other businesses. Read on to know exactly why.

 1)Restaurants need to secure their PoS

 A cash register is a cash register, no matter whether it is at a retail store or a restaurant. Wherever cash is handled on a daily basis, there are chances that someone with a sticky finger may try to get their hands on it. This may be an employee or someone attempting a robbery.

Having your PoS monitored by video surveillance gives you peace of mind knowing that this important area of your restaurant will always be watched and in the event of anything suspicious, you will be alerted in real-time.

 2)Restaurants need to maintain brand image

 How exactly does a restaurant maintain its brand image? The answer is by the quality of their food and service. To maintain it, you need to know that your valuable customers are being taken care of by your staff in a timely manner. You need to keep checks on average order fulfillment time and also see that there are no long queues at your cash register.

As for the quality of the food, the kitchen staff needs to be monitored to make sure they follow proper hygiene while preparing the dishes. Video surveillance also lets you check the cleanliness of your cooking area and see whether only the freshest ingredients are being used.

3)Checking up on housekeeping is essential

 As I mentioned before, a big part of maintaining a restaurant’s brand image is to maintain proper hygiene at all times. For this, you need to check the performance of your housekeeping staff at all times.

Video surveillance gives you periodic audit reports of when any and every one of your restaurant’s areas were cleaned and the time is taken by the staff to complete the task. In other words, it gives you a complete over view and saves your time from personal supervision.

 4)Securing your restaurant’s inventory

 Your restaurant has a lot of stock that comes into your storage room every day. This stock is worth a lot of money and it is critical that proper checks are kept on them. You must make sure that perishable goods are stored in cold storage by your staff in a timely manner.

Also, it is common for goods to be stolen by employees or outsiders. These goods not just include food products but also equipment that is used in the restaurant’s kitchen. Electronic appliances that can be stolen and sold off on the black market. Video surveillance will give you real-time and periodic audits of your storage area to put your mind at ease.

 Above were just a few common reasons why every restaurant needs video surveillance in this day and age. There can be many more reasons that are specific to your restaurant. Octopus Tech provides video surveillance and video monitoring that watches your security footage from a centralized control room and gives you actionable insights along with real-time alerts.

To know more about how our solutions can help your restaurant, contact us today.