Why Travel Companies are going for Call Center Outsourcing
Why Travel Companies are going for Call Center Outsourcing

Why Travel Companies are going for Call Center Outsourcing

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Why Travel Companies are going for Call Center Outsourcing


There is no doubt that the travel industry is a growing sector. The number of companies that enter this sector continues to grow year on year. Many start-ups have started to make a name for themselves by launching new websites and mobile applications that facilitate booking tickets for flights, hotels and holiday packages. Since these companies are ones that depend upon direct interaction with their customers for growing revenues, many are starting to see the benefit of outsourcing the  call center services.

Whether you are airlines or a travel website, you get a barrage of calls, emails, and chats from people with different kinds of issues. You can either focus your time and money on this or focus on your business’s core competency and let an expert and experienced outsourcing company to handle your customers on multiple channels. That is the key here really – multiple channels.

Of course, you will be getting a lot of calls from customers or prospective customers but the interaction will not be limited to just that. Customers also prefer to write emails to travel companies with various queries related to bookings, reservations, cancellations, refunds and so many other topics.

Let’s not forget about your website chat. If you care about your website visitors, chances are you have a chat installed on your site. Visitors on your site have many queries and can be facing challenges with the navigation of your site and simply need help from a human being. So, you need to have a dedicated team that can handle customers on all these channels in a cost effective and timely manner.

Apart from handling general queries, call center outsourcing can also perform these following functions for your travel company –

1) Call center agents help drive sales for your company

2) Agents assist customers with payment & transaction issues

3) Initiate welcome calls to customers that purchase loyalty programs

4) Managing hotel reservations

5) Managing ticket bookings

6) Chat with customers to guide them to right holiday packages for them

7) Support in case of lost baggage

The benefits of outsourcing are abundant for the travel industry. The key is finding the right outsourcing company that can help you with the best standard of customer service your customers deserve. They need to be present on every possible channel, voice, and non-voice, including social media.

Octopus Tech is an outsourcing company that offers multi-channel support to your customers in a cost effect and streamlined manner. Our solutions are tailor made for you and can scale according to the growth of your business. Our team is well-versed with the latest call center technology and also have knowledge of tools related to the travel domain like ticket booking and management software.

To know more about how we can customize our solutions for your travel business, contact us today.