Top Benefits of Video Surveillance in Retail Stores
Top Benefits of Video Surveillance in Retail Stores

Top Benefits of Video Surveillance in Retail Stores

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Top Benefits of Video Surveillance in Retail Stores


Do you know which sector report the highest number of shoplifting experiences? Yes, you’re right, the retail industry. Why? Simply because thieves have more opportunities to steal here than anywhere else. As a result, the retail industry loses billions of dollars per year to theft and shoplifting not just to thieves and opportunists but employees as well. And these are not the only factors concerning the retailers, even unsuccessful in-store promotions and long lines at the register can add up to their pain points and seriously affect the bottom line.

That’s why, investing in a retail store security system at this point is a good option that pays off with countless long-term benefits such as maximizing store profits, reducing retail shrinkage, low insurance rates and most importantly, a significant decrease in the number of shoplifting cases.  And not only this, installing IP video surveillance cameras also help to instill a safer, more inviting environment for your customers. Moving on, let’s look at some major benefits of video surveillance in detail,

Keeping Track of and Apprehending In-Store Thieves

By deploying and strategically positioning these video surveillance cameras, you can prevent the very act of shoplifting in real-time, if not, at the very least you can reveal the identity of these shoplifters to your security staff to prevent future thefts.

Today outsourcing firms offering video surveillance services come equipped with IP cameras that produce high-resolution images and a dedicated team that can easily follow someone’s movement without losing sight of them even when they move between different camera angles in the real time.

Though many times, shoplifting turns out to be an inside job but the presence of video surveillance cameras can help defer such activity to a great deal.

It Helps to Manage In-Store Promotions and Displays

You might be wondering what this point has to do with security issues. Well as I am about to prove, it has everything to do with it. Having a video surveillance system installed at your retail store and a dedicated team live-monitoring it will help detect any suspicious activities both inside and outside the store, activities such as-

a) People observing a particular display for too long.

b) Someone lingering where he/she shouldn’t be.

c) The number of people walking down a side-aisle vs. the main.

d) An unknown package speaking of any potential threat.

Even simple issues such as long queues can be notified to the owner using this system whereupon he can send sales personnel to the trouble spot for addressing the issue.

It can Help Improve Customer Service

I am sure improving customer service wasn’t in your mind either when you thought of video surveillance but yes, this is an important factor too. Since live-monitoring is generally outsourced from a distant location and not by your in-house employees, you will get an unbiased report regarding your employees as well.

This way, you can ensure whether your employees are delivering adequate service to your customers or not. If yes, then its well and good and if not, then also, backed by the security footage you can take appropriate actions to educate or even terminate an employee. This is eventually lead to delivering a pleasurable experience to your customers while shopping and giving them a reason to smile along the way.

You can Access Video Surveillance from a Remote Location

By switching over to network video, you will have complete control over the streaming footage from your camera system that can be viewed on any device and accessible from any location of your choice. In other words, it allows you the freedom to operate your retail security system without being present at your business storefront.

This can further help you save money on security personals and allow you to make better use of the people available on site. So instead of placing faith in your gut feelings and humanity, you can call up the video of the potential event in case of any mishappening on your mobile or any such device and take action accordingly or let experts handle it for you.

Where to place security cameras to maximize results?

Placing security cameras to cover maximum space possible is the top priority for most of the retail owners. The problem is even as we speak of this, we know that this idea might work well for small retailers but never for retail stores that are spread through acres of land.

So, if you too are clueless about where to install security cameras then below I have provided a list of 5 such places where having a security camera is a must-

1)Cash Register which is a highly-sensitive area and should be monitored 24/7

2)The warehouse where security cameras should be mounted at places high enough to oversee the inventory.

3)Entrance & Exits, mount your cameras directly above to monitor the flow of customers.

4)Sales floor where aim for poorly lit aisles or areas that are difficult to see.

5)Parking lots to help deter vehicle in-breaks.

Surveillance systems have become an integral part of our retail environment today. That’s why choosing the right outsourcing firm to protect your business is important now more than ever. Octopus Tech helps businesses improve security by live monitoring retail store locations 24/7 along with reducing corporate risks, saving big bucks on security guards, operational savings and increase in business value.