Tips for Enhancing Customer Experience Via Live-Chat
Tips for Enhancing Customer Experience Via Live-Chat

Tips for Enhancing Customer Experience Via Live-Chat

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Tips for Enhancing Customer Experience Via Live-Chat


Providing customer support is vital to any organization as it strengthens the company-consumer relationship, special emphasis should be laid on the quality of this service provided be it inbound or outbound call center services, email support, or chat support services.

Out of these services, live chat is gaining popularity recently with 42% of consumers preferring online chatting over other services out of which 92% claimed satisfaction, thanks to the millennials which form a large part of the total customer base.

Live chat support is also popular because it is the only way to provide real human interaction during an online purchase, so it is essential to ensure that a quality service is provided to the customers as it can make a huge difference to its overall conversion rates.

Below are mentioned some such tips for your agents to enhance customer experience via live-chat:

  1. Making Customers Acknowledge the Presence of Chat Box

Customers often fail to notice chat windows that are too small or ones that blend in with the background texture making it hard to perceive.

Keep these things in mind while designing the pop-up chat box option such that it’s a large enough with clearly visible fonts, simple and placed in such a way as not to block the customer from navigating the site.

  1. Making Certain They are Talking to a Real Person

Next important tip is to not sound like a robot by providing only canned or pre-set messages. Always greet your customers professionally and with courtesy by offering your name and asking theirs in return, using emojis while expressing emotions and treating customers empathetically throughout the conversation. Adding your real image and name to your profile will be a good start.

  1. Following Correct Grammatical Rules

Make sure to work on your language before initiating a chat with a website visitor, as using bad grammar or spelling will make you look unprofessional and throw a bad light at your brand as well.

You may be sometimes tempted to use shorthand (frnd for friend etc) as on social media but always avoid this and use clear yet concise language. Also, avoid using overly technical language that your customers may not understand at all.

  1. Understanding your Company’s Product/Service

If you are representing your company, then it is expected that you know your product. Live up to the customer’s expectation by doing your homework and keeping yourself up to date with new features and services provided by your company. This also includes company policies, reward programs, discounts etc.

  1. Time is Everything

Time is a commodity you should know to use effectively in order to build a strong bond with your customers. You can do this by-

a) Always start by providing a contact number in case the chat goes offline.

b) Often times, customer response may take time, so have patience.

c) While replying, give as much relevant information as possible in real time without delay.

  1. End the Conversation on Good Terms

Chatting with online customers may be your prime task, but for your customers, it most certainly isn’t so. They might drop the conversation altogether without responding. The key here is to wait for 5 min and enquire again if the customer is still there.

If he isn’t, then there’s nothing more you can do but if he’s still there simply ignoring you, always try to end your chats on a high note, wishing them a good day and letting them know you are still there in case they need any more assistance.


By exercising the above-mentioned tips into your current chat practices, you can help create a professional image for your company along with a long queue of happy customers. So are you ready to enhance the customer experience via live-chat?