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One Page Website Based on WordPress Launched

One Page Website Based on WordPress Launched

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One Page Website Based on WordPress Launched

20 icons post

Octopus Tech recently launched a single page website based on the popular WordPress CMS.

The template for included a smooth jQuery scroll which can be handled from the navigation menu and also when you go down on the website a scroll up button appears on the bottom right to go UP easily.

20 icons banner develops beautiful mobile applications and wanted to have a visually pleasing web interface to showcase their work to the world without too much of noise and we delivered just that.

Octopus Tech used the following technologies to develop

a)Platform : WordPress CMS, WordPress Plugins

b)Scripts : jQuery, Javascript

c)Database : My-SQL

d)Development : PHP, HTML5

e)Turn-around time : 7 days

Octopus Tech is a web development and design company and we provide custom wordpress solutions to our clients, If you are also looking for one, don’t hesitate and contact us today.