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Self Service Demands of Today’s Customers

Self Service Demands of Today’s Customers

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Self Service Demands of Today’s Customers


The expectations of today’s customers are changing rapidly. One of the biggest changes is the demand for more self-service options that will reduce the time customers have to spend on calls and chats with customer service agents. Brands are also realizing this need and are changing their customer service strategies. They have started to offer more self-service options on their digital platforms like websites and apps.

Even with these self-service options, consumers have certain demands and expectations that they want brands to meet.  Read on below to know what the latest trends in self-service are and what the customer’s expectations are.

24/7 Availability

Customers are no longer happy with getting customer support during normal business hours. Their expectation is 24/7 support. Whether it is on your website, mobile application or any other channel, customers expect a quick response to their queries no matter whether it’s day or night. These days your websites, especially the e-commerce sites are the modern-day shop or office for your customers. If these websites can stay open 24 hours a day then why can’t there be customer service available at all hours.

Speed of Service Delivery

“Time is money”. This old saying holds true today more than ever. We live in a fast-paced environment where we expect everything to happen quickly. Then why not service or customer service is quicker too?  Reduced response times are in serious demand and can be the deciding factor for many customers on whether to stick with a company or not. This quick response time has to be maintained across all the channels. On social media, if your customer has entered a query on your page, they expect a response within 30 minutes. Similarly, a response to an email is expected within 4 hours.

Chat Bots on websites

Intelligent chatbots are all the rage these days. From virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana to self-service bots within applications, the comfort level of customers has grown for interacting with these virtual helpers. Soon, customers are going to start expecting these chatbots on your websites as well and they would expect the same level of intelligence in those chatbots.

Self-Help Options for Troubleshooting

If you sell technology-related products or services then there is a big chance that at one time or another, your customers will face technical issues. In that case, they will either spend hours on the phone with your support agents or on chat with live chat agents trying to fix issues. A better alternative your customers want is to have a menu of self-help options on your website. This menu can consist of troubleshooting steps of some of the most common technical problems that may arise. This way is more convenient for both the company and its customers.

It is clear that with the advancements in technology, customers are starting to expect a lot more from their customer service and self-service experiences. Companies need to keep pace with these changing demands and live up to the expectations of its customers to stay competitive in the market.