Why You Should Outsource your Help Desk Services to India
Why You Should Outsoure your Help Desk Services to India

Why You Should Outsoure your Help Desk Services to India

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Why You Should Outsoure your Help Desk Services to India

Help Desk Services

Help Desk services are offered by companies that manufacture and sell electronic devices to their consumers. These devices can include desktops, laptops, peripheral devices like scanners, printers, routers etc. These can also include hand help gadgets like smart phones or tablets.  These companies want to provide technical support or help desk services to their customers in order to resolve any technical issue they may be facing with their products.  Providing this level of technical support would mean that they would have to hire an entire team in-house and take care of their training and development. They would also have to spend a lot of money on infrastructure and technology.

To avoid going through these expenditures and hassles, most tech companies in the west are outsourcing their help desk services to India. Tech support call centers have existed in India for decades now and the momentum does not seem to slow down one bit. There are several reasons why India continues to be the primary destination for outsourcing tech support services.

Below are some of the reasons that these big tech companies choose to outsource to India

  • It is cost effective

This is an age old reason why businesses outsource to India. The workforce at Indian call centers works for a fraction of the cost of an in-house team. This way, your business can invest more in research & development and have your technical support services taken care of by trained professionals in a very cost effective manner.

  • Fluency in English

A majority of educated graduate Indians speak English fluently. That is why they face no challenge when communicating with western customers either over the call or via email/chat. This makes these Indian call centers that much more appealing to western companies.

  • Tech Savvy Staff

It is no big news that Indians are generally very tech savvy. When you look at some of the top executives at some of the biggest tech companies in the world today, you will find Indians at the helm. Technical education is a major part of the Indian education system and that is why each year Indian colleges produce millions of tech graduates.  Hence, Indian call centers are full of bright and technically sound youngsters.

  • Flexibility to work in a 24/7 environment

Indian call center employees are comfortable working in a 24/7 work environment, which means that they can work around the clock according to western time zones to serve international customers when there is day in that part of the world.


Types of Help Desk services being offered by Indian Call Centers

  1. Software support

Software support consists of handling calls of customers that are facing an issue with specific software. There might be a bug in that software causing issues or maybe there are certain settings and configurations that need to be done. Whatever it is, software support agents are able to resolve such issues remotely.

  1. Installation support

Installation support can be considered part of software support as well. As the name suggests, when a customer faces an issue while installing certain software on their device, they call the help desk. The agents then walk the customers through the entire process of installation over the call or can take remote access of their computer to install that software themselves.

  1. Connectivity Support

In today’s world of networking, we want all our devices to connect with each other and communicate. This has created a new challenge of maintaining connectivity in the modern world. We want our smart phones to connect to our routers, our printers to connect wirelessly to laptops.  Whenever customers are not able to connect these devices to each other, they call the help desk to get help with the required configurations to get their devices online and connected.

  1. Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting technical errors are the main function of any help desk. When customer’s devices start to malfunction or there seem to be issues that the customer cannot handle on their own, they need the assistance of remote technicians that can help troubleshoot the issues of their products to make their lives easier.

  1. Answering Product Queries

As technology gets more complicated, users need help understanding the basic functionality of some products. Others may require help learning the more advanced features of their newly bought devices. Help desk services educate customers on how to use their gadgets properly, what all features there are and help with the entire on boarding process when they buy a new device.


India has been a hub for outsourcing technical support services. The benefits that your business can gain by outsourcing help desk services to India range from cost cutting to increasing customer delight by offering them top notch tech support. Octopus Tech is an emerging Indian outsourcing company that offers technical support/Help desk services as part of their call center services package. To know more about our services and solutions, you can contact us today.