Nurture Your Leads Better using Call Center Services
Nurture Your Leads Better using Call Center Services

Nurture Your Leads Better using Call Center Services

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Nurture Your Leads Better using Call Center Services

Lead Generation & Nurturing

A thousand new leads mean nothing to your business if you don’t know the art of conversions. While new leads serve nothing less than the lifeblood of every sales team, only less than half of all the leads get converted into sales. As a result, these companies miss most of the big opportunities to make sales and that’s where lead nurturing comes into the picture.

Simply put, lead nurturing is the process associated with marketing lead campaigns in order to prepare an individual who is not currently ready to buy into making a purchase. Its prime goal is to educate the prospect of your company’s products or services, building their awareness and trust along the way, to help them make the purchasing decision in favor of your company.

Now that we understand the role lead nurturing plays in generating leads for your company, one important question remains…

How to Develop an Effective Lead Nurturing Campaign?

To answer this question, below I have mentioned some tips to help you make your lead nurturing campaigns as effective as possible.

a) By personalizing your lead nurturing email campaigns according to the names, behaviors, interests, and demographics of your lead prospects.

b) By educating prospects and providing them with the information needed for their purchase via blog articles related to their interests, inviting them to seminars, sharing their success stories etc.

c) Re-engaging your leads if they are slipping away by asking for their feedbacks from time to time, offering things of their interests and creating a sense of urgency.

d) Start the nurturing process without any delay, as soon as you get the notion that they are taking interest in your business even if its just your blog articles.

What Roles do Call Centers Play in Lead Nurturing?

And it seems like an obvious question since call centers are mostly known for providing lead generation services which is an entirely different process. Let’s find out if call centers are any better at nurturing leads-

  1. Targeted Content

Targeted content is all about personalizing. And as we know every potential lead has different interests, what’s good for one person may not be good for other. Research also proves that using targeted content to strategically nurture your needs can have significant impacts on your overall sales.

Call center agents do exactly that, they not only prioritize unique customers interests, objectives and goals along with asserting the targeted content designed specially to meet those needs but also provide marketing automation platform to help you further identify and target those buyers.

  1. Multi-Channel Lead Nurturing

Earlier, the majority of lead nurturing strategies circle around setting up an email drip campaign to dispatch simple generic emails to the potential customers. But since nowadays most people don’t bother with reading or replying or even opening emails, this strategy alone is no more effective.

Latest call center services come equipped with new technologies to further lead nurturing tactics that go beyond the limits of emails to accommodate social media, marketing automation, dynamic website content, direct sales outreach etc. to properly execute lead nurturing.

  1. Sales and Marketing Alignment

Call centers increase the number of sale opportunities by effectively combining sales and marketing lead nurturing efforts by identifying at what exact time during the whole process, prospects should be transitioned.

Also, call center agents are trained well to keep proper track of triggers such as lead scoring, workflow enrolment, pageviews, conversion events etc. to effectively create your lead nurturing strategy.

  1. Providing Multiple Touches

It is no secret that prospects who receive more marketing touches from time to time from their client companies have a relatively higher chance of getting converted as compared to prospects who don’t get much attention from their companies.

Call centers with their excellent lead nurturing strategies address questions and concerns through various content types such as blog posts, whitepapers, social media etc that they provide in order to help smoothen the prospect’s journey through the buying process.

  1. Timely Follow-Ups

One can never underestimate the importance of immediate follow-up calls but still, what recent studies show is that most organizations though acting quickly aren’t quick enough. These slow response times are one of the main reasons why organizations are losing out on their potential customers.

Call centers here provide the best way to convert inbound leads into qualified sales opportunities by processing a timely follow-up call or email. A timely and well-researched follow-up call (based on recent browsing behavior) to an inbound lead beats cold calling every single time.


Selecting the right call center that can effectively nurture your leads is essential for your business as it can make all the difference in the world when it comes to building trust and maintaining authentic relationships with your customers. It can not only help align all your marketing efforts and messages but also makes sure that each potential lead receives the most relevant messages at the most opportune times.

Our agents at Octopus Tech build rapport with friendly two-way conversations that further facilitate decision-making process by learning about your prospects needs in order to provide valuable information to your business. Contact us to avail outsourcing services (both inbound and outbound) along with lead generation, lead nurturing, customer retention, revenue enhancement and much more.