Let Your E-Commerce Site Benefit from Chat Support Outsourcing
Let Your E-Commerce Site Benefit from Chat Support Outsourcing

Let Your E-Commerce Site Benefit from Chat Support Outsourcing

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Let Your E-Commerce Site Benefit from Chat Support Outsourcing

Chat Support Outsourcing

You have created a wonderful e-commerce website and you also get many visitors on that site. However, those visitors either do not purchase anything or abandon carts while in the process of making an online purchase. There could be several reasons that this occurs. Maybe your visitors face a challenge while making payments. Maybe they get confused with the navigation of your website. What measures can you use to reduce these situations? The answer lies in implementing live chat services and chat support outsourcing.

Here are some ways that chat support outsourcing is beneficial for e-commerce websites –

Enhances Customer Experience

While making any purchase, customers like to know the details of every product they want to buy. They also want to make comparisons and understand the features of various products. It is convenient for them to simply chat with a representative on the site itself while they are browsing.

Chat support can also help your site’s visitors communicate any challenge they may be facing with regards to the navigation of the site or any other function like adding products to the cart or going to the checkout page. This reduces cases of cart abandonment by a great margin.


Helps Lower Expenses

It is always cost effective to outsource certain tasks than doing them in-house. Same can be said for outsourcing chat support. However, chat support outsourcing is, even more, cost effective than call center outsourcing. The reason is that while one call center agent can attend only one call at a time, an agent handling chat support can handle several chats at once. This means customers do not have to wait on hold for several minutes.

This also means that where you would have to hire several call center agents for handling calls, your site’s entire chat support can be handled by one or two agents, thus reducing costs further down.


Helps You Improve Your Website

Using the live chat service on your website, customers can give you their feedback about your website in real-time. You can come to know what their pain points are and get suggestions from them on how user experience can be improved. This is a very valuable piece of information. While other companies have to conduct special surveys to get this information, through chat support, you get insights into your website and visitors proactively.


Live Chat Helps Improve Sales

On many occasions, customers have a hard time making up their mind on whether to buy a product or not. Chatting with a representative and having all their questions answered helps them make up their mind and make a purchase. According to a research, 31% of customers are more likely to make a purchase online after chatting with a representative.


Chat Support Gives You Competitive Edge

Chat is a more preferred channel of communication for today’s online shoppers. The online store that used live chat services will always have a competitive edge. Over live chat, customers usually ask agents about pricing and features of products. By providing accurate information in a timely manner, chat support agents can help you close sales on your site. This way, your customer makes the purchase on your site and does not think about checking out a competitor.


Now that you understand the benefits of live chat support and chat support outsourcing, it is important that you choose a right outsourcing company to partner with for your chat support outsourcing venture. You need to choose a company that provides multi channel support on various platforms to give your customers the best customer service.

Octopus Tech offers chat support services that help give your customers the best experience while they are on your site. Our agents not only help answer queries of your website visitors but also help convert them into paying customers, thus enhancing your revenue. For more details about our chat support services, contact us today.