How Internet of Things will Effect your Contact Center
How Internet of Things will Effect your Contact Center

How Internet of Things will Effect your Contact Center

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How Internet of Things will Effect your Contact Center

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The internet of things is changing the world around us. In business, there is hardly any sector that is left untouched by this technology. IoT helps businesses carve out new business models that can effectively take them into the next phase of innovation. Your contact center also will see changes that will not just have an impact on you but also the customers that you serve.

Below are some of the ways that the internet of things will impact your contact center –

 1.Data acquiring for better service

 The amount of data that contact centers will collect about user’s products and their technical problems will help device manufacturers understand the kinks in their products and will help them in resolving those issues to remove those bugs permanently. Also, the information that gets collected of consumer choices and tastes can help companies create a more targeted marketing strategy.

 2.Proactive Troubleshooting

 The day is not far when electronic devices like our washing machines would automatically detect issues arising in them and communicate them to the manufacturer even before that issue starts to affect their performance. This will reduce the time that the customer would have to spend on the phone troubleshooting manufacturers would proactively communicate solutions.

3.Agents may need to become Technical Experts

Your normal customer service agents are probably well trained in their process flow and know about all the features of various appliances. However, IoT will increase the demand that they may also have the technical knowledge to troubleshoot various complicated issues that may arise in multiple devices of a brand.

4.Advancement of Omnichannel approach

 Customers already have multiple channels through which they can get in touch with the brands. Contact centers have started to adapt to this by offering support on various channels like voice, chat, email and even social media. With the advancements in IoT, devices would be contacting brands on customer’s behalf, so brands would need to set rules as to which channel contact centers are going to use in these cases.

5.Added regulations

 The internet of things is will bring new privacy concerns for customers regarding their data and user behavior. This will lead to new laws and regulations that will come into effect. Contact centers need to adapt themselves to these regulations as and when they come into effect. This will lead to a smooth transition for contact centers and a feeling of reliability in customers regarding their data.

These are just some of the changes that can be foreseen. It cannot be accurately predicted what more changes our businesses and contact centers would have to adapt to with the rise in IoT. So, is your contact center prepared?