Designing a perfect mobile landing page for our mobile users
How To Design A Landing Page For Mobile Users

How To Design A Landing Page For Mobile Users

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How To Design A Landing Page For Mobile Users

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If you have been web browsing for a while, you’re probably familiar with landing pages. I bet you might have even used a few of them for different campaigns as well. So, whether your goal is to promote people to sign up for your mailing list or to purchase a particular product or service, the landing page can make a mighty difference.

No, I am not talking about desktop landing pages which gives you an ample amount of time to make an impression upon your audiences. What I am talking about is a mobile landing page where time itself is a luxury, mere seconds is all you got to load, to grab the users attention and to persuade them to act.

And since we are currently serving the e-commerce industry, we understand well enough that building the perfect mobile landing page is no child’s play. You need to have a strong mobile strategy in place or you could be missing out on important conversion opportunities. Having said that, let us see how we can design a perfect landing page for our mobile users.

5 Ways to Design a Perfect Landing Page


Go Responsive

This step is all but the obvious one, don’t you think? Get a responsive landing page or go home, there’s no other way. But, folding your existing site into a mobile responsive one isn’t just enough. You need to keep a few things in mind as well, things such as creating button tap targets with CTAs, ditching the banners (seriously, no one reads them), displaying few words and hiding the rest behind tabs etc. You can also try setting up micro conversions to get users into your funnel.

Design Elements

When we talk of mobile web design, it’s apparent that users will be looking at your landing page on a tiny screen. Now, you don’t want them tapping the screen multiple times while clicking your CTA button, do you? As a rule of thumb, make your CTA button large enough so that it can be easily clickable by your thumb, plus be easily readable by those with weak eyesight. Another thing you can do is spacing the clickable elements far enough to avoid the users accidentally clicking the wrong one.

Optimize Page Speed

In today’s competitive times, having an awesome looking mobile landing page isn’t enough, you need to figure out how to make it load quickly as well. And since mobile’s cellular data plan is comparatively slower than their Wi-Fi counterparts, optimizing these pages for people using 3G or 4G becomes all the more important. You can start by making sure your server is fast enough, use a CDN (platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify are great for this purpose), optimize images to the right size, and minimize your CSS, JavaScript, etc. elements.


Do you know an average mobile session lasts just over a minute? And do you know why I mentioned this fact to you? Because that’s the only time you will get to deliver your entire marketing message to your mobile audience. Now, won’t it be nice to be brief rather than expecting your visitors to engulf the whole message in a minute. Yes, it would be. Trim out all the non-essential bits and make your point in as few words as possible, and whatever points you do make, try making them in bullet points (it’s much easier to digest).


If you really want to become good at digital marketing, be prepared to do lots of tests because chances are low that you get your desired landing page in the first attempt. Split-tests with multiple element arrangements, color schemes, headlines etc. is the key here. But to conduct these tests, you will need analytics. We personally recommend checking out content analytics, heatmaps, review-in-page analytics, time spent on page, bounce rates along with funnel completion and falloffs for your testing.

Closing In:

While designing the mobile landing page, always take the user experience into consideration. Review how the overall content is presented as well as the contact information is promptly displayed. Moreover, test this page with the help of analytics data on several devices and with several users to identify and resolve issues on time. This will greatly help determine the usability of your mobile landing page.

Do this and you have got a perfect landing page for your mobile users. And if you need any more help, get in touch with us today. Octopus Tech offers some of the best web design services there is to avail in today’s times.