E-Surveillance ~ Is Anyone Watching Your Cameras?
E-Surveillance ~ Is Anyone Watching Your Cameras?

E-Surveillance ~ Is Anyone Watching Your Cameras?

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E-Surveillance ~ Is Anyone Watching Your Cameras?


These days, having security cameras installed in your offices, retail stores, warehouses and parking lots is a normal thing. Even in India, business owners have been security conscious for over a decade. From small shop owners to large companies, you will find CCTV cameras installed in all these places. Now with large shopping malls opening in even tier three cities, security cameras and security rooms are a common sight there. However, even with these cameras present, why are they not able to prevent crimes?

The reason is simple, there is no one watching these cameras. Simply having ten cameras recording the footage of your shopping mall cannot prevent crime if there is nobody who is monitoring these cameras in real-time. These malls spend so much money hiring physical security guards and they place a few of them in their control rooms to watch the cameras. However, with the growing crime rate, especially in the retail sector, it is proof that they are not able to provide the protection needed.

In smaller retail stores and luxury stores like Jewellery shops, these cameras are only good for recording the crime after it has occurred. The old generation DVR based security systems are only good for that. It is surprising that shops like these that carry such high-value items would not invest in a better way to secure their inventory and staff.

When a crime occurs, it is not just money or goods that are lost. Sometimes even lives are lost in robbery attempts. There have been numerous cases across the country where robbery attempts at ATM centers have resulted in the death of customers and security guards. Same can be said for retail outlets and jewelry stores. In the U.S, robberies at liquor stores and gas stations have become an epidemic and have resulted in multiple deaths.

E-Surveillance is the answer to these major security challenges. The concept behind e-surveillance is that you will have all your cameras monitored by a professional third party surveillance company. They will monitor all your cameras of all your different sites from a centralized control room at a remote location.

Their team will monitor these cameras live 24/7 and will give you real-time alerts in the event of any criminal incident. They will also proactively alert the authorities on your behalf upon capturing a crime in progress, thus resulting in stopping that crime. This saves not just money but also lives.

At Octopus Tech, we offer e-surveillance service that lets us take the burden of your security by monitoring all your security cameras from our control room and providing real-time alerts as well as periodic audit reports with actionable intelligence. Our solution integrated with your existing system and is scalable as per your needs. It is also cost effective and costs you less than hiring a team of physical security guards.

Using our 2-way audio system, our e-surveillance team can deter crime as well by warning a criminal that he has been caught in the act and the authorities have been called. This will stop him in the act and the crime gets prevented. Through this technology, thefts & robberies can be prevented and more importantly lives can be saved.

To know more about our e-surveillance service or to get a quote, contact us today.