Discovering the Benefits of Providing Email Support Services
Discovering the Benefits of Providing Email Support Services

Discovering the Benefits of Providing Email Support Services

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Discovering the Benefits of Providing Email Support Services


Most companies today put a lot of emphasis on providing good customer service. They ensure that their customer’s calls are attended in a timely and courteous manner. Apart from calls, most online businesses are focusing on live chat support on their websites to ensure their website’s visitors get all their queries resolved in real-time. One medium of communication between customers and your company remains to be the most neglected. I am referring to the email. Email is still one of the most preferred methods of communication for customers. With that being true, most companies either reply to customer queries via email very late or they do not pass on accurate information.

This creates a very negative impact on the minds of the company’s customers as they feel neglected and under-valued. The email channel, if utilized properly can have many benefits for an organization.

Here are some of the benefits that businesses can gain by focusing on their email support services

Emails are Easily Accessible

Emails are something that we can access while we are on the move. These days everyone with a smartphone has their email account configured on their phones. If your customers want to get in touch with you due to any issue they may be facing or any urgent query they may have, they can easily use their phones, tablets or any other devices to email you.

If you provide a timely response to your customers through email, this will increase your customer’s satisfaction level with the company.

Ability to Attach Files

There are some customer interactions were attaching a file can be necessary. For example, if your customers want to complain about a product that was delivered to them in a damaged state, attaching photos of that product can be essential in proving the claim. In other cases, a scanned copy of an invoice may be needed to claim warranty. Here too, email is the best platform.

Email is a Trustworthy Channel

You can call it a psychological reasoning but most people give more importance to the written word rather than a verbal conversation. When customers send their complaints to the company via email, they feel like their issues will be taken more seriously. Similarly, when customers get a revert from you to their complaints through email, it fills them with a sense of satisfaction that the company is taking their matter under serious consideration and some action will definitely be taken with regards to it.

Email Support is Cost Effective

Your company’s email support can be easily integrated with your chat support or voice support as it does not cost a fortune. The results you get are way more in quantum than the investment that goes into this channel.

Customer Surveys can be Conducted

Customer surveys are an important part of understanding your customers and their level of satisfaction with the company. Email is the perfect channel for conducting such surveys. A survey can b created and uploaded onto a specific URL. This URL can be then emailed to customers from where they can access the survey. Although surveys can be conducted over the phone as well, email is a nonintrusive method where your customers can fill the survey as per their convenience.

Detailed Information about Issue

Over an email, your customers can describe in great detail the issue they are facing with your services. The details given over the email can be more accurate as the customer has more time to write and describe the problem with all the facts stated. This helps your company’s executives get a better grasp on the issue and can resolve the matter more effectively. Hence, email support is beneficial for both the customers as well as the organization.

An effective email support service is an integral part of any company’s customer service efforts. There are certain best practices that need to be followed while giving email support. Prompt reply to customers is one of them. The other is accurate reply with information that is fact checked. Most companies outsource their customer service functions to a third party BPO services company to ensure their customers get the best support possible while they save on their operating costs.

It is no different for email support services. Businesses look for the right multi-channel outsourcing company to handle their email support. Octopus Tech is an emerging Indian outsourcing company that provides email support services as part of their bouquet of outsourcing services. We offer customized solutions that suit your business’s needs and provide your customer support on every channel possible.

To know more about our email support service or to get a quote, contact us today.