Cloud Contact Centers ~ Revolutionizing Customer Experience
Cloud Contact Centers ~ Revolutionizing Customer Experience

Cloud Contact Centers ~ Revolutionizing Customer Experience

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Cloud Contact Centers ~ Revolutionizing Customer Experience


Cloud Contact centers have been gaining popularity recently. The reason being simple enough, as the times are changing so is the need to change the way we are used to looking at call centers till now. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the traditional call centers or anything, all I am saying is that its time they need to more able to quickly adjust to different customer demands or market fluctuations, to be quicker in comprehension etc.

Cloud contact centers are based on cloud computing or virtual storage space and software holding tank which is basically an IT paradigm that enables access to shared pools of configurable system resources over the internet. Many of these changes related to speed and adjustment have been improved since building and releasing of call center platforms over the clouds as it granted freedom to the call center representatives to access their call center platform on any device and anywhere in the world.

Other benefits include receiving updates instantly along with unlocking new features with a few clicks which otherwise would have taken weeks to deploy. Before diving deeper into how this will benefit customers, let’s check out the various types of cloud computing based on deployment:

a) Public Clouding

Various service providers can easily access and deploy applications and storage available to the public over the internet via Public Clouding.

b) Private Clouding

Within the corporate firewall, private clouding can help access the various security concerns of businesses.

c) Hybrid Clouding

It allows enterprises to store both sensitive and less sensitive data on private and public clouding simultaneously by combining both.

Keeping the above points in mind, let’s find out how cloud contact centers are revolutionizing the customer experience.

Swift Organisation

This is, in fact, one of the major benefits of Cloud contact centers. Setting up a call center on premises takes months as it requires an office space, infrastructure, computers, and storage devices along with installation and processing of new technology and doesn’t forget the staff to operate them.

Cloud call centers don’t have to worry about any of these issues due to their ready-made cloud center application which one can access on any device available and start processing right away.

Flexible in Nature

We all know businesses have their ups and downs all the time, but one cannot scale their on-premises call center up and down accordingly. For one, you cannot fire and hire your regular employees to suit your market position. Secondly, even if it is possible, the unattended equipment still needed to be taken care of when not in use.

One can easily manage operations via cloud call centers to meet the market needs as it doesn’t allow the neglect of physical equipment (because you don’t have any) and one can always hire additional help on a contract basis or remove them if the need arises.

Minimising Expenses

Businesses run on mostly two principles, maximize profit and minimize expense. Incorporating cloud call centers into your business will tune in well with both these principles.

Most cloud call center applications are based on a subscription model. So, once you install this application all you need to worry about is monthly subscription rates which are modest and easily predictable compared to expenses from hiring full-time employees and cost of setting up the workspace for them.

Strengthening Security

Security features are one of the main concerns for any organization. Call centers are no exception but still, Cloud call centers offer much more security compared to traditional premises call centers due to its above-mentioned hybrid technology which secures sensitive data in Private Cloud and less sensitive data in Public one.

Quality Customer Service

Finding employees with desired skills at one place is like hitting a jackpot. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough and fortunately, you don’t need luck anymore for this.

Due to its remote agent program i.e. ease of access to hiring and operating agents on a global scale, Cloud Call Centers have a privilege never before enjoyed by this sector.

Call center service will drastically improve once your customers have access to quality service providing reps with round-the-clock service.

Business stability

This is a minor point but still a possibility. Cloud computing, as we learned earlier, provides a secure platform from hackers but what about natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. How can one hope to fight these?

Well, as it turned out, you can still provide service continuity to your customers if you are operating via Cloud contact centers since it requires just the basic communication tools such as phone and an internet connection, eliminating the need for physical infrastructure used in traditional call centers.

Closing Thoughts

Cloud call centers with its flexibility, scalability and various other features are the future of customer care service. It may not be ideal for every business, not yet, but witnessing its preference over traditional call centers these days, one can safely assume that we will see every sector incorporating and benefitting from cloud contact centers in the upcoming future. Forrester itself supports this fact by claiming that by 2020, public cloud market will grow up to $256 Billion. Still, need more convincing?