Best Magento Extensions to Boost Sales of your E-Commerce Website
Best Magento Extensions To Boost Sales Of Your E-Commerce Website

Best Magento Extensions To Boost Sales Of Your E-Commerce Website

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Best Magento Extensions To Boost Sales Of Your E-Commerce Website

Best Magento Extensions

Turning to the top 100 thousand busiest sites on the internet, according to Alexa, a February eCommerce survey found the largest market share of eCommerce software continues to be with Magento.

This is not surprising as its open, modular architecture, extremely flexible platform, makes customization and adding new functionalities much simpler and manageable. And despite the fact that it has been around only a few years, it has been gaining more and more popularity among web designers and e-commerce website owners.

Here we look at best Magento extensions that can help your business acquire, convert and retain more customers.

GoMage Advanced Navigation

GoMage’s Advanced Navigation extension is designed to optimize your Magento store, by improving navigation and product filtering which in turn allows customers to quickly find what they are looking for. With its integrated ajax filters, selected data gets refreshed promptly, or certain attribute filters can be hidden, allowing customers to experience a more agreeable shopping experience, rather than waiting for the entire page to refresh.

AheadWorks Blog

By easily integrating this Magento Blog extension on your Magento website, you create an effective platform through which you can interact with your regular customers or even casual visitors. By encouraging visitors to engage in a two way conversation you can leverage this platform to provide official information about your store, promotions, upcoming deals, and products. This platform can also be used as an effective tool to ‘interact’ and find ‘live’ feedback from your customer.


An inbuilt reward program can really act as an effective marketing tool that not only promotes specific products, but also encourage customers to come back and spend more on your site. With Reward Points extension of Magento, you can set exactly the number of points that a customer can earn for some actions they perform e.g.: Sign up, purchase products, review or tag products, take polls etc. and in turn they can redeem these collected points while purchasing a product to get additional discounts.

M2E Pro

This free extension (did I say FREE..o yes!) helps in completely integrating your Magento website into the eBay platform. With the ability to import eBay transactions and create Magento orders, you can easily manage all your product listings, synchronize stock levels, product details, pricing structures and many other tasks that reduce time for listing maintenance. By reaching out to a wider audience through these platforms, both eBay and Amazon, your business can significantly improve sales.

 Mega Menu

Consider these statistics. On an average, a customer stays on a particular web page for no longer than 20 seconds. It is thus important that your web design allows users to navigate through your pages with the minimum number of clicks possible. With the Mega Menu magento extension, you can help your visitors find the information they need as quickly as possible, consequently ensuring a higher sales turnover.

Daily Deal Extension

With the help of the Daily Deal Magento extension, you can easily manage one or more deals on products that you intend to release on your website. You can set up your promotion time – create daily, weekly and even monthly deals that can be displayed on your daily deal page, sidebar or product page. The more often you display deals, the more your customers will be encouraged to visit your website regularly!

Amasty Gift Extension

This magento gifts extension allows you to attract a wide customer base that is evidently more enticed by free gifts than big discounts. With this extension you can introduce free items to the cart, offers ‘buy one get one free’ offers and release a number of exciting gifting options to keep your customers interested!

With the support of these powerful and simple extensions, you can make sure your e-commerce business propel growth and realize revenues.
If you have some custom magento extensions to be made or are having problems customizing an extension or the core functionality of magento, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will surely help you out.