Applying ORM Strategy via Call Centers to help Build Brand Loyalty
Applying ORM Strategy via Call Centers to help Build Brand Loyalty

Applying ORM Strategy via Call Centers to help Build Brand Loyalty

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Applying ORM Strategy via Call Centers to help Build Brand Loyalty

Online Reputation Management

In our modern times, the internet has turned out to be the most reliable source of information about a person, thing or a business and is currently preferred by 2 out of every 3 individuals. It happens because, with each passing day, our lives are becoming more and more entwined with the online world from smartphones to smart televisions to self-driving cars, Internet of Things hold a firm grasp upon our lives like never before. It also means you have more than one way of leaving an impact online (be it positive or negative- that’s up to you).

But then one question remains, does anyone really care about our online reputation? Yes, they do, though these people might be anyone,

a)Former colleagues using the internet to share their professional talent.

b)Employers doing pre-research before finalizing prospective candidates.

c)People searching for their parental heritage.

d)Landlords checking in the reputation of prospective renters.

And many other…

Studies also prove that 97% of individuals go for online reviews while looking for local business and 2/3rd of them have rejected a company because of a bad reputation online. That’s how important building a positive online reputation is for your business nowadays. But how can you maintain this reputation, since you have your company to run as well?

And that’s where call centers fit in. Apart from their many services such as customer service, helpdesk, technical troubleshooting etc. offered by them, call centers have recently introduced ORM or Online Reputation Management service to help companies keep tab of customer reviews and take necessary steps to correct any inaccuracies. Let’s talk about some such benefits that call centers’ ORM service offers-

1)Call Centers cannot only remove negative reviews about your brand from the top rankings but can also downplay or completely remove irrelevant content, thus freeing up space for the positive listings.

2)Call Centers help your business build up an online reputation by providing positive reviews about your products/services which in turn will help you attract more traffic.

3)If you compare the expenses associated with damaged online reputation due to lack of trust in customers with the meager amount you invest in ORM, you will soon realize how cost-effective this service is.

4)Call Centers help you improve the quality of your output by gaining insights from the customers about what they like or dislike about your company products or services

5)The viral nature of the internet combines with the level of participation can build or break the brand reputation within no time, call centers specialized in ORM can ensure that this digital word of mouth remains positive

6)Call Centers can also strengthen natural search results by letting you gain insights into keywords and key phrases used in user-generated

7)Applying ORM strategy will also let you get hands-on better talents when you start looking candidates for hiring since everyone wants to work for companies that hold a good reputation.

8)Call Centers also help your company gain an understanding of the relationship between the traditional forms of online media such as news, print etc. and the user-generated

9)Since more people depend on the opinion of others, building a trustworthy online reputation through ORM is crucial for your company in order to maintain a strong brand loyalty.

10)You can even gain insights about your competitors by applying this ORM strategy as to how their customers feel about their products and services.


From the above-mentioned points, you must have understood that why it is so important for your online business to focus on maintaining a good reputation if you wish to gain a significant edge over your competition. Involving a call center for applying the Online Reputation Management strategy for your business will help you monitor what others say about your brand on social media and other online platforms along with taking actions which will help change the customer’s perspective in a positive way.