6 Reasons Why In-App Chat is the Untapped Potential for Your Business
6 Reasons Why In-App Chat is the Untapped Potential for Your Business

6 Reasons Why In-App Chat is the Untapped Potential for Your Business

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6 Reasons Why In-App Chat is the Untapped Potential for Your Business


One doesn’t require to be a marketing expert himself to understand the crucial role the customer support plays in any business and as we all know, action speaks louder than words, your customers are the ones who will spread the word about your business and help you grow your customer base once you start providing them quality support service.

Nowadays, many e-commerce companies have been adding in-app chat services in order to solve customer queries in real time rather than having them search for 1-800 number or a general “help@” inbox that is already overflowing with complaints.

For those of you who are unaware, in-app support is a pretty simple idea, which allows the user, irrespective of what device he/she is using, to get instant help (with the click of a button) whenever he faces any issue while using your application.

This in-app chat feature of problem-solving in real-time through a customer support expert not only helps build the customers’ confidence during their shopping experience but also improves the conversion rates. But before you dive head first into this, ask yourself these 3 questions to determine whether your application needs an in-app chat support or not.

a)Do you have an in-house staff available to handle discussions at all times?

b)Do you have the resources to handle a large amount of customer data?

c)Do you trust your internet providers enough that they won’t let your connection drop at a crucial moment?

If your answer to all the above questions is yes, you, my friend, are all set to go. Now, without wasting any more of your time, let’s move forward to some of the main reasons why in-app chat has the potential to unleash the full power of your business.

In-App Chat is Convenient for the Customers

An in-app chat support is convenient for your customers in a variety of ways. It not only provides your customers an instant access to help but the average response time for in-app support expert is also comparatively much less than that of a call center executive. It also helps the case that the customers can easily multi-task while waiting for their queries to be resolved.

It Helps cut down Expenses

In-app chat services have demonstrated its worth consistently by not only saving on employee task time but also on phone expenses. The other reasons behind its cost-effective nature being-

1)Its ability to handle multiple calls simultaneously without the need to hire more agents, thus increasing efficiency.

2)While compared to a call center in terms of waiting queue time, it reduces considerable costs on overall helpdesk center.

3)It also helps increase the average order value by saving big on ‘product return’ expenses since customers get real-time advice to help them through the buying journey.

Increase Sales and Improve Conversions

The biggest reason behind using in-app chat for your application is its potential to increase sales and improve conversions since your in-app support team literally gives your company a chance to hold your buyers’ hands in order to help them overcome obstacles and reach the buying decision by resolving any queries about your company’s product or services in real-time.

Helps you Gain a Competitive Edge over the Market

Nowadays, standing out among your competitors is vital to the success of any organization. Business rivalry is tremendous and, on the rise even as we speak, with not only small and mid-sized businesses realizing the importance of in-app chat button but also corporate giants such as Amazon with its recent Mayday, a built-in support system for the new Kindle Fire where the support agents will not only guide you but can even take control to show you on how to use the product.

Handling Complaints like a Boss

Your in-app support greatly helps in containing the damage by providing your customers with the facility to contact your business through the app in case of a query rather than risking them going online whenever they have a complaint about you. As long as your in-app support team is able to handle the customers’ complaints then and there, you won’t have to worry about any bad reputation. And don’t forget to follow up on the complaints received in order to pacify your customers.

Helps build Long-Term Relationships

At last, if your in-app chat team is able to satisfy the users, then there is simply no reason left for them to switch, moreover, they will tend to be less price sensitive to passing time as It is commonly known that customers care less about what they pay as long as their needs are taken care of. Making your customers feel important is the surest way of building a stronger and long-term relationship with them.


Ignoring in-app support feature is no longer an option if what you are looking for is to succeed in your business today. You do know your customers want fast and immediate support and since only a few companies are currently providing them with this in-app chat, you have a fairly good amount of chance to stand out from the crowd.