Top Web Design Trends of 2019 You Should Not Miss
5 Web Design Trends to look forward to in 2019

5 Web Design Trends to look forward to in 2019

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5 Web Design Trends to look forward to in 2019

Web Design Trends 2019

Is it only me or do you too find hundreds of blog posts floating on the internet towards the end of every year about what the new web design trends are going to be? And have you also noticed that although everybody has a piece of their own mind, all we get to read are similar articles about similar things over and over again. Why do you think that is?

Because nothing new ever seems to happen. There are no actual trends that our web designers follow or makeup. But then again, why is it that designers don’t spend time on creating something new? Or is it also possible that they are doing what is expected of them but we are looking for answers in the wrong place? Very much..

The answer to all these questions is that all the articles we read about the latest web design trends every year are written by the content writers and not the web designers themselves. What writers can do is google these trends and write about them, what they cannot do is dictate those trends or should we say, whatever they write cannot be accepted as a trend.

So, if we really wish to know what to expect as web design trends this coming year, look forward to the designers. I know animations, illustrations, new font styles etc. are nothing new but something the users expect. So, what would you like to see in 2019, let’s find out.

Web Design Trends 2019

Web Design Trends


Static images are important, nobody can deny that but 2019 will see a drastic shift towards the video content. Why? Because as we have seen so far, the interest among visitors for the video content is continuously on the rise, and for a simple fact that videos have the potential to make anything and everything much more entertaining and captivating.

Videos playing on the website keep the viewers stay for a longer duration. Even the viewers themselves prefer to stay till the end to know what happens next. When compared to static images, videos can bring significant changes in the conversion rates.


For all these years, we have seen sharp-edged, straight lines shaping the web design trends for many years. But now, their time is over as well. Instead, natural and streamlined shapes are taking over the web layout and are being used in almost everything and for a variety of reasons such as to create depth, symbolize concept, convey emotions etc.

Call it anything but an interactive web design has a way of connecting to the viewers’ minds as nothing can. They provide a certain depth to the layout helping the page elements stand out. But a word of advice, only do it if it perfectly blends with your brand identity, or else, leave it out.


Minimalism is the thing of the century. Nowadays, we can see it everywhere. Take Apple, for example, and the massive impact it has with its minimalistic design. That’s the thing with minimalism, saying a lot in just a small number of elements. Also, the lesser stuff on your website, the fewer the chances of your viewers’ attention getting distracted.

Now, this trend is not a free pass to go over and delete most of the elements on your site but to give your website a simple makeover with a careful mix of negative space and clear or contrast topography. And the most charming thing about minimalism? You can never overdo it.


I know, chatbots are nothing new, they have been around for quite a time now. And with each passing year, they are becoming more and more smarter, all thanks to AI and machine learning. For example, have you ever wondered how Facebook knows us so well that it shows us the exact ads, events, and information we are interested in? That’s machine learning.

Be ready, as this technology will continue to be perfected in 2019 and beyond as well. Offering customer service via the web is something that is becoming faster and more efficient every day. If you are seriously looking for web design trends 2019, do not overlook this one.

5.UX Writer

This is perhaps the most controversial one. Should we let our content writers write content knowing full well that they have neither the design skills nor an ‘eye’ for the visual or should we allow web designers, without any writing expertise to write the web content that mixes in?

The answer, however, lies somewhere in the middle allowing both parties a certain level of flexibility as well. As a designer who has mastered the skills of web design, taking a writing course is not unheard of, one that lets him/her write content for websites while creating awesome websites as well.

And the vice versa is also true. A writer can equally develop design skills and excel in both. And who can say, next year you might actually be reading 2020 web trends article written by a designer himself.