5 Common Customer Service Mistakes You Should Avoid
5 Common Customer Service Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Common Customer Service Mistakes You Should Avoid

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5 Common Customer Service Mistakes You Should Avoid


Every business wants to offer impeccable customer service in order to keep their customers happy and loyal to them. There are several customer service tactics and strategies that companies are using these days however not every strategy is a hit. Then there are those oblivious companies that still do not have a customer service strategy in place. Whichever category your company may fall under, there are some common mistakes that your company should avoid when it comes to customer service.

Below are the 5 common customer service mistakes you should avoid –

  1. Not having a proactive approach

A proactive approach is one where your company thinks about satisfying customer’s needs from the very get-go by offering them quality services or products. They do not wait to get calls from upset customers and then let their customer service agents handle them. You can also initiate proactive calls to customers that you notice are facing challenges using their service before they approach you. It is a perfect way to delight your customers.

  1. Having a horrible backup plan

On the flip side, having too much confidence in your proactive support can lead some companies to have a proper backup plan. Companies that have do not have a contingency in place end up taking too long to provide any kind resolution to their customers. Customers may have to stay on hold for a long time while your team stumbles around looking for resolutions.

  1. Too much faith in automation

Not everything that can be automated should be. Many businesses use automation to reduce their costs but sometimes this automation can end up costing them more than they thought. There are some roles including customer service where a personalized and human approach is necessary to create a connection with the customers. Offering your customers various channels of communication like voice, chat, email and social media create a very approachable image of the company. Whichever option they like to use, the main thing is you are giving them an option.

  1. Ignoring Your Customer’s Mood

Active listening is what is taught in the training sessions of every call center services company in the world. Whether your customer support team is in-house or outsourced, they need to have this quality. Your agents need to understand the mood of the customer and interact with them accordingly. There may be customers who are in a chatty mood that you can joke around with while there may be customers who are frustrated and need to be dealt with in a professional and courteous manner. It takes active listening and sensitivity to know the difference.

  1. Not valuing customer service staff enough

Most customer service staff feels undervalued at their job. They feel that they do not get the respect they should get in the workplace, even though they play an important role. The customer service staff at most companies is also underpaid as well which only adds to their grievances. If your customer service staff is unhappy, there is no way they are going to put in the extra effort to satisfy your customer’s needs.

Customer service is an important aspect of your company. It is important that this function is carried out in the most professional way possible. If your business cannot cope with setting up a customer care department in-house, you can outsource your customer care services to a professional call center services provider that has a team ready to deploy. Their teams are well trained and already know which customer service mistakes to sidestep.