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Pharmacy Management Services

Pharmacy Management Services

Our Pharmacy Management Services

Pharmacy Billing Services

We at Octopus Tech, aim to provide highly reliable and customized billing services to medical practitioners, pharmaceutical firms and pharmacists around the globe. We take care of the entire pharmacy billing cycle from patient authentication to payments. Pharmacy billing solutions receive the surprising attention from the pharmacists in the global market. So, with the standard mechanism and business processes, we give our clients timely services at affordable rates. Let’s take a short look at what we cover in our pharmacy billing services:

  • Admissions:- First and foremost step of medical billing is also a very sensitive process which our professionals are executing flawlessly.
  • Daily Census Updates:- Our census maintenance services are responsible for accurate document reports, helping your medical claims proceed faster.
  • Refills Management:- To keep our customer happy, we send timely refill reminders and refills immediately.
  • Prior Authorization Data Management:- Our authorization systems are set to handle every drug category and emergency level.
Mail Order Pharmacy Services:

With the increasing online market, mail order pharmacy services are high in demand. You can order your prescription refill online or by phone and all the pharmaceutical requirements will be on your doorstep. Our group of dynamic professionals at Octopus Tech offer a cost-efficient way to fulfill all your pharmacy logistic needs. We offer best in terms of customer support, refill management and timely deliveries. Here what our mail order pharma services benefit to the customers:

  • Safe and Easy Payments:- Our online mail solutions for pharmacy services offer its clients safe and easy payment methods.
  • Timely Delivery:- Our experienced staff handle this job with high diligence and attention to provide drugs and other medical services on time.
  • 24/7 customer support services:- Pharmaceutical delivering is highly committed service with great accuracy. So, we offer 24/7 customer support to handle all queries and complaints.
  • On Time Authorization:- We send the concerned medical documents to approval to follow up and authorization so we can deliver medicines on time.
Pharmacy Document Management:

Octopus Tech Solutions offer its partners the manual filing of documents by using our outsource document management services. We understand the criticality of this field. So, our expertise handles the data with confidentiality and high standard security. In this online world taking the benefit of reduced cost to streamline processes and speedy documentation, most of the businesses use outsourcing services for pharmacy document management. Our expertise offers cost-effective services at a short turnaround time. Have a look at our pharmacy document management services:

  • Documentation Support and Administration:- Our expert support staff offer pharmacy documentation with maximum efficiency, minimum workforce, timely service and cutting down rates.
  • Back Office Processing of Transaction:- Our medical documentation services handle your paperwork with excellence and experienced in handling payment processing, recovery, collections and claim settlements.
  • Document Sorting:- Octopus Tech’s online document solutions implement tested triaging and sorting strategies to maintain all the important information in an easy to retrieve manner.
  • Associations:- We form useful associations and categorizations among various medical documents to minimize the chances of errors and delay caused to any inefficiency.

To know more and discover the advantage of outsourcing pharmacy management services, contact us today.

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