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Octopus Tech, a leading outsourcing company that understands well the importance of dispatch services for owner operators specializing in field works. (I mean, come on, even you don’t believe your field agents to answer phone calls besides handling paperwork and God knows what else, all while on the run).

That’s why we bring to you our customized truck dispatch services that not only save you tons of money and time but also help strengthen customer relationships.

Let’s have a look at these services and the role our professional dispatchers play in them.

Round-the-clock Service

Octopus Tech is one of the most flexible truck dispatching companies that are designed to supplement your ongoing calling process including appointment scheduling, dispatching urgent calls immediately, handling messages and rerouting them to the appropriate parties. Also, our after-hours answering services ensure your customers that you are available regardless of what time they call.

Order Registration and Carriers’ logs/report Maintenance

Not only does Octopus Tech provides you with a 24/7 working communication line but also qualified operators for order registration besides setting up and maintaining carriers’ logs and reports. We create a virtual office to help expand your business and use modern equipment for uninterrupted communication whatever the mode, be it via phone call, SMS, online or any such.

Order confirmation and Invoice Issuing

We have at our disposal a dedicated and exclusive order processing team with trained and skilled personnel who mainly focuses on core marketing strategies that deal with order processing besides issuing invoices and handling customer calls. Our truck dispatch services assure high-quality standards which can easily be scaled up or down as per the changing demands.

Maintaining Communication with Staff and Customers

Our experts at Octopus Tech has years of experience handling all sort of dispatch-related procedures and tasks such as documentation, route defining, freight and negotiations, training, support and accompaniment of the drivers. That’s why we facilitate a seamless communication with your staff and customers to provide better alignment between the two.

The Octopus Tech Advantage

Octopus Tech is one of the leading trucking dispatch companies helping trucking companies handle a wide variety of functions leading to a more productive and efficient trucking operation.

Some of the offerings that make us the right pick out of all the trucking dispatch companies are –

Finding Loads

For any new carrier that does not have any clients, we can help you get started by finding loads that are just right for your trucking service.


Billing Issues

As mentioned above we handle your billing and paperwork as well as several other backend processes that let you focus on your core functions.


Checking Compliances

For any trucking business, maintaining motor compliances is a very important task, one that cannot be ignored. We help your businesses stay up to date all concerned compliances.


Managing Delay Issues

We help you manage delays in dispatch or delivery due to weather or any other logistical issue by maintaining proper coordination among all parties.


Handle Customers

Our dispatchers help form a crucial link between you and the shippers/customers to address any queries in real-time and provide proper information.

We are one the top rated trucking dispatch companies in the field helping new and established trucking businesses reach their full potential and streamline their operations.

Today get started with our truck dispatch services or to get more information, contact us today!

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