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Banking Processes that can benefit from BPO Services in India


One of the most prominent sectors that are outsourcing their processes to call centers in India is the banking and financial services sector. With a growing number of product and services, banks cannot afford to hire in-house staff to handle non-essential processes. That is why, to reduce the overall cost of operations and to allow … Continue reading “Banking Processes that can benefit from BPO Services in India”

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Call Center Trends that Emerged in 2017

Call-Center-Trends-4 (1)

2017 has been a year that saw many changes in the field of both technology and customer service. These various changes have caused a major shift in the dynamics of call centers in India as well as internationally.  There has been a modernization in call centers that have taken them from the monotonous world of … Continue reading “Call Center Trends that Emerged in 2017”

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Discovering the Benefits of Providing Email Support Services


Most companies today put a lot of emphasis on providing good customer service. They ensure that their customer’s calls are attended in a timely and courteous manner. Apart from calls, most online businesses are focusing on live chat support on their websites to ensure their website’s visitors get all their queries resolved in real-time. One … Continue reading “Discovering the Benefits of Providing Email Support Services”

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6 Ways to Raise Customer Interaction Level

Customer Interaction

During the entire customer lifecycle, your company’s representatives come into contact with your customers several times on several different platforms. Each one of these incidents has its own significance whether you realize it or not. Each of those interactions was an opportunity for you to get to know about your customer’s mindset and their loyalty … Continue reading “6 Ways to Raise Customer Interaction Level”

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4 Sectors that Can Capitalize on Call Center Services the Most


In today’s competitive business world, businesses are looking gain a competitive edge over their competitors while cutting down their cost of operations. This need has given a rise to the trend of many companies outsourcing their call center services to India. Over a decade ago, there were a handful of sectors that felt the need … Continue reading “4 Sectors that Can Capitalize on Call Center Services the Most”

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Choosing the Right Call Center Services Provider for Your Business


Call center services are essential for companies in almost every industry. The scope of call center services has grown as well with so many different inbound as well as outbound call center services being offered by outsourcing companies these days. The competition in the BPO sector has been fierce as well over the last decade … Continue reading “Choosing the Right Call Center Services Provider for Your Business”

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Self Service Demands of Today’s Customers


The expectations of today’s customers are changing rapidly. One of the biggest changes is the demand for more self-service options that will reduce the time customers have to spend on calls and chats with customer service agents. Brands are also realizing this need and are changing their customer service strategies. They have started to offer more … Continue reading “Self Service Demands of Today’s Customers”

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Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Should be a Must for Every Company


A customer satisfaction survey or a CSAT survey is a method of companies proactively getting in touch with its customers and trying to understand how loyal they are. It is an outbound calling process where your agents call a sample database of customers and ask them a few questions that would tell them how satisfied … Continue reading “Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Should be a Must for Every Company”

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